Spike Brewing

  • Bracing Shelf

    Bracing Shelf

    Our custom Spike bracing shelf is made in the USA and is a recommended addition when casters or leg extensions are installed for additional stability. Our bracing shelf will also come in handy as a...

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  • Carb Stone

    Carb Stone

    If you didn't already know the Spike Conical is a unitank! This means it is designed to handle pressures up to 15psi. This capability allows you to add 15psi of pressure needed to...

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  • Caster Kits

    Caster Kits

    Our casters screw directly into the bottom of our conical legs for easy installation. The CF5, 10 and 15 use a 2" caster while the CF30 uses a larger 4" caster.   CF5, CF10, CF15...

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  • CIP Ball

    CIP Ball

    Another cool innovation from the Spike engineers; our low pressure CIP ball! We wanted to design a CIP ball that didn’t require home brewers to purchase another pump if they already owned one...

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  • Closed Pressure Transfer Kit

    Closed Pressure Transfer Kit

    Introducing another cool accessory to compliment out CF series conicals. Our closed pressure transfer kit (CPT kit) will allow you to rack your beer from your conical to keg without exposing it to...

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  • Conical Extended Bracing Shelf

    Conical Extended Bracing Shelf

    Our new custom Spike extended bracing shelf was a solution created based on customer feedback on our normal bracing shelf. The extended bracing shelf now widens the footprint of...

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  • Conical Heater

    Conical Heater

    Unfortunately some of us will have to heat our conicals during the long Winter months. No fear, we have the solution! Each conical has its own sized heater and the wattage of each is...

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  • Conical Replacement Lid Gasket

    Conical Replacement Lid Gasket

    Our gasket is a one piece design made from FDA approved Silicone. This design allows for an easy install and easy clean up. Simply push the gasket into the gasket groove on the lid. Specs:-Black...

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  • Conical Temp Control Coil

    Conical Temp Control Coil

    These USA made temp control coils are specifically designed for the CF series conicals and extend far enough into the conical to temp control both full and half batches. Used in conjunction with a...

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  • Cooling Pump

    Cooling Pump

    All pumps are not equal! Our engineers tested over 15 pumps during the development of this project and found almost all small submersible pumps on the market are grossly overrated. This...

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  • False  Bottom

    False Bottom

    Our false bottom is for use with our standard Spike kettle line that uses NPT fittings. For our standard Spike+ kettle line that uses TC fittings please see HERE. Design Features: -All...

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  • Flex Extended Bracing Shelf

    Flex Extended Bracing Shelf

    Our custom Spike extended bracing shelf is a recommended addition when casters or leg extensions are installed. The extended bracing shelf widens the stance of the FLEX making it more stable. This...

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