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Conical Fermenters

Quality is an innovative, modular conical designed for you. The new CF Spike Conicals are pro quality tanks designed for the homebrewer. They're also all unitanks which means they can handle pressure up to 15psi. That allows you to carbonate in your fermenter without a separate brite tank or waiting days for your beer to ferment in kegs or bottles. These fermenters are scaled down versions of what you will see at any profession brewery. All sanitary welded tri-clamps, butterfly valves, 60° cone angle and dedicated tri-clamp for use with a blow off cane. If you are ready to step your fermentation game up to the best this is the product for you!

  • Pipe Tape

    Pipe Tape

    Spike Brewing kettles use NPT (National Pipe Thread) threaded couplers. These threads are tapered and require plumbers tape to make a water tight seal just like the piping in your home. Our pipe tape is 4mil thick, 1/2" wide and 260" long. Pipe tape is...

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  • Port Brush

    Port Brush

    Use this handy brush to clean coupler ports, valves, barbs, etc. Made with Nylon bristles and a rigid stainless steel handle

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  • Conical Replacement Lid Gasket

    Conical Replacement Lid Gasket

    Our gasket is a one piece design made from FDA approved Silicone. This design allows for an easy install and easy clean up. Simply push the gasket into the gasket groove on the lid. Specs:-Black in color-FDA approved Silicone

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  • Pressure Gauge

    Pressure Gauge

    This pressure gauge can be used while pressure fermenting, briting or pressure transferring.  Specs:-0-30psi-2" Dial-1/4"npt 

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  • Gas Post

    Gas Post

    Since most brewers who keg use ball lock connections for hooking up their CO2 tank we figured why not design a ball lock fitting to easily add CO2 to your conical! Our gas post assembly has a standard ball lock gas post on one end with a 1/4" NPT...

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  • 15psi Pressure Relief Valve

    15psi Pressure Relief Valve

    When pressurizing your Spike Conical you'll always want to use a pressure relief valve (PRV). This will prevent the tank from being over pressurized and causing a potential failure to occur. Our PRV was developed with our OEM specifically to work with...

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  • TC Thermowell

    TC Thermowell

    Our thermowell features a 1.5" TC on one end and a 1/2" NPT on the other. This allows it to attach directly to the sanitary TC fitting on the conical. The NPT port on the outside allows for the thermometer to be screwed in. It also allows for an...

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  • Tc Sample Valve

    Tc Sample Valve

    Our conicals come equipped with this 100% sanitary sample valve. Taking samples has never been so easy; simply twist the valve handle to slowly draw out a sample from your fermenter for a gravity reading. The one downside is you might end up...

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  • 2" Trigger Style Tc Valve

    2" Trigger Style Tc Valve

    Our conicals come equipped with this 100% sanitary 1.5” TC butterfly valve. This valve has a squeeze locking/trigger handle that allows for 180 degrees of motion and 13 locking positions.The butterfly valve is the preferred valve for the cold...

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  • 1.5" Tc Butterfly Valve

    1.5" Tc Butterfly Valve

    The butterfly valve is the preferred valve for the cold side of brewing due to the ease of cleaning. It comes standard on the FLEX+ and is a nice upgrade for the FLEX.Our handle is a special 'shorty' style which keeps a compact design. This handle is...

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