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  • Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) 2 Oz

    Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) 2 Oz

    Epsom is used to add sulfate and magnesium ions to brewing water. It is often used at half the levels of Gypsum. 1 gram in 1 gallon changes the salt levels by 103 ppm sulfate, 26 ppm Magnesium and adds 108 ppm to the hardness.Promash is a useful utility...

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  • Biofine Clear Clarifier - 1 kg

    Biofine Clear Clarifier - 1 kg

    A clarifier that has received attention on The Brewing Network and is used by several of our commercial brewer friends. While beers cloud for different reasons and there is not one silver bullet to clear all beers, Biofine has proven effective in most...

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  • Fermaid O Yeast Nutrient 12g

    Fermaid O Yeast Nutrient 12g

    The Fermaid line of products are a range of nutrients that have been adopted from winemaking and put to use supporting beer fermentations as well.     Fermaid O is a newer formulation of the long trusted Fermaid K nutrient which replaces the...

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  • Gypsum 1 lb.

    Gypsum 1 lb.

    Gypsum adds hardness to brewing water. Use 1-2 teaspoons per 5-Gals. 1 gram of gypsum adds 62 ppm of calcium & 147 ppm of sulfate. Gypsum is also used to lower water pH.

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  • Go-Ferm Protect 10 g

    Go-Ferm Protect 10 g

    Go-Ferm Protect is a natural yeast nutrient that is added to the yeast hydration water before adding your selected yeast strain. Its complex formula provides your yeast with the proper sterols, unsaturated fatty acids and micronutrients needed to begin...

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  • Fermaid K -  8g.

    Fermaid K - 8g.

    Fermaid K is a blended yeast nutrient that supplies ammonia salts (DAP), free amino acids (organic nitrogen from deactivated yeast), sterols, unsaturated fatty acids, key nutrients (magnesium sulfate, thiamin, folic acid, niacin, biotin, calcium...

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