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Flex Fermenter

We believe the Flex product line is the most Flex-ible fermenter on the market. The standard Flex is a huge step up from a standard carboy. Made from 304 stainless steel so scratches and shattering glass will be a thing of the past. Not only does the Flex have a dedicated racking port and thermometer port but those ports are sanitary welded (at our facility in Milwaukee) tri-clamp fittings. Tri-clamps are the industry standard sanitary connection. Never before have they been available on a unit at this price point. The Flex+ sets the bar even higher with an upgraded butterfly valve and tri-clamp rotatable racking arm. It also has the high pressure package upgrade and can handle 15psi! This allows you to primary, secondary AND carbonate in one single vessel. With 20 (and counting) accessories available you’ll never out grow your Flex!