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Flex Accessories

  • Flex Tc- 100 Bundle

    Flex Tc- 100 Bundle

    Our TC-100 temp control system will manage both cooling and heating of your FLEX. The digital controller's temp probe inserts into the included thermowell that attaches to the secondary port of the FLEX. Also included is a specially fitted neoprene...

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  • Pipe Tape

    Pipe Tape

    Spike Brewing kettles use NPT (National Pipe Thread) threaded couplers. These threads are tapered and require plumbers tape to make a water tight seal just like the piping in your home. Our pipe tape is 4mil thick, 1/2" wide and 260" long. Pipe tape is...

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  • Port Brush

    Port Brush

    Use this handy brush to clean coupler ports, valves, barbs, etc. Made with Nylon bristles and a rigid stainless steel handle

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  • Flex Replacement Lid Gasket

    Flex Replacement Lid Gasket

    Our gasket is a one piece design made from FDA approved Silicone. This design allows for an easy install and easy clean up. Simply push the gasket into the gasket groove on the lid. Specs:-Black in color-FDA approved Silicone-Works with the FLEX and...

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  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve

    Stainless Steel Ball Valve

    Our 1/2” stainless steel ball valve comes with the base FLEX and screws directly into tri-clamp adapter, no need for an additional nipple to make the connection. The 3 piece valve completely disassembles so a thorough cleaning is easy...

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  • Flex Heater

    Flex Heater

    Unfortunately some of us will have to heat our FLEX during the long winter months. No fear, we have the solution! The FLEX heater was carefully engineered to match the heating needs to maintain set temperatures even in the coldest winter garage...

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  • Insulated Flex Jacket Insulated Flex Jacket

    Insulated Flex Jacket

    The super sleek looking Spike insulated jacket uses high quality, extra thick yet flexible neoprene material to insulate your Flex from the worst ambient conditions— be it a hot garage or cold basement. Each jacket is tailored to fit perfectly...

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  • Flex Temp Control Coil

    Flex Temp Control Coil

    Out temp control coils are specifically designed for the FLEX and extend deep into the fermenter. This unique design allows the FLEX to temp control both full and half batches. Used in conjunction with a temp controller, our temp control coil...

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  • Thermometer Adjustable Face

    Thermometer Adjustable Face

    This adjustable face dial thermometer can be positioned to almost any angle so reading the thermometer when near the ground is easier. This 1/2” NPT thermometer is ready to screw directly into our thermowell that can be attached...

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  • Thermometer -Non- Adjustable Face

    Thermometer -Non- Adjustable Face

    This 1/2” NPT thermometer is ready to screw directly into our thermowell that can be attached directly to your FLEX.  Specs:-1/2" NPT connection-3" dial-304SS-2.5" stem length-Hermetically sealed-Calibration adjustment...

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  • Racking Arm

    Racking Arm

    **A 1.5" gasket and clamp will need to be purchased separately if you do not already have spares** Another cool product our engineers and in-house welders developed is our racking arm. This racking arm provides 6" of total travel...

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  • Leveling Feet

    Leveling Feet

    Want some additional leveling adjustment for your FLEX? Well our non-marking leveling feet will do the trick! We also use a 304SS stud because nobody likes rust! Specs: -Non marking plastic bottom-304SS stud

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