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  • Rice Hulls 50Lb Bag

    Rice Hulls 50Lb Bag

    All of our flakes are pregelatinized, which enables the brewer to produce an unlimited variety of beer styles w/o using a cereal cooker.

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  • Escarpment Laboratories - Brett D

    Escarpment Laboratories - Brett D

    This strain of Brettanomyces bruxellensis is noted for very prominent pineapple esters alongside a good dose of funk. It is suitable for primary fermentation of 100% Brett beers or secondary fermentation where some extra fruit and funk is desired. Works...

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  • Lallemand Abbaye Ale Brewing Yeast 11 Gram

    Lallemand Abbaye Ale Brewing Yeast 11 Gram

    Abbaye is an ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Belgian style beers including high gravity beers such as Dubbel, Trippel & Quads. The propagation & drying processes have been specifically designed to deliver...

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  • Homegrown Hops (Book)

    Homegrown Hops (Book)

    Do you have an empty fence or blank corner in your yard? Plant hops! Everything you could ever want to know about growing hops at home. Rhizomes (hop roots) are available once a year, usually during the first three months (January - March).

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  • Hop Twine Clips (5 Pack)

    Hop Twine Clips (5 Pack)

    The Spring Eye Clip is an anchoring device that is used to anchor hop twine to the ground. These can be pushed into the ground by hand, removing the need for a hop clip applicator tool. As an added benefit, they also allow for adjustment of tension of...

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  • Hop Twine for Rhizomes (Bundle of 5)

    Hop Twine for Rhizomes (Bundle of 5)

    Hop Twine is a paper twine cut to 20.5 ft. with a tested strength of 100 lbs. Paper based strings are used for hop training and are a popular option for home-growers and commercial growers alike. Made of wound paper, they have a perfectly rough surface...

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