Conical Accessories

  • Silicone Tubing

    Silicone Tubing

    Silicone tubing can be used to transfer wort, beer or used as a blow off tube. We use an ultra clear Silicone tubing which allow you to see wort transferring very easily. We also use 1/8" thickness which prevents hose kinking.  Sold by the...

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  • Quick Connect Fitting - FQC X Barb

    Quick Connect Fitting - FQC X Barb

    Out of all the ways to attach silicone tubing to your conical we like quick connect ball lock fittings the most. The ease of connecting/disconnecting and cleaning is unmatched by standard hose barbs or cam locks. These fittings can easily be...

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  • Gas Manifold

    Gas Manifold

    Our specially designed CO2 gas manifold is designed to attach directly to the 1.5" TC port on your fermenter's lid. This manifold allows you to easily add pressure for transfers, stuck yeast dumps, purging oxygen, carbonating, etc. The manifold has...

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  • 1.5" Tc X Barb

    1.5" Tc X Barb

    Not all hose barbs are created equal! Our special 1.5" TC x barb fitting features a shorter profile and over sized diameter barb. The over sized barb (5/8" OD) is specially designed for our 1/2" Silicone tubing. The larger size does two things: 1) It...

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  • Closed Pressure Transfer Kit

    Closed Pressure Transfer Kit

    Introducing another cool accessory to compliment out CF series conicals. Our closed pressure transfer kit (CPT kit) will allow you to rack your beer from your conical to keg without exposing it to oxygen. This will help you avoid off-flavors that can be...

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  • Racking Arm For Conicals

    Racking Arm For Conicals

    Another cool product our engineers and in-house welders developed is our USA made racking arm. This racking arm provides 6" of total travel allowing you to draw clear wort even with the hoppiest of beers.The racking arm also incorporates a position...

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