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All Grain Recipe Kits 5 Gal

  • "Citra Dust" All Grain 5 Gallon APA Recipe

    This recipe is inspired by a very famous beer. Single hopped with copious amounts of Citra hops. However this beer is far from boring.  Not quite and Pale Ale or IPA. Somewhere in between. This recipe has been tweaked from many customer recipes...

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  • American Amber - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe

    Like most amber beers, American amber ale is named after the golden to amber color this American version of English pale ale exhibits. The color is derived from the use of caramel and crystal malt additions, which are roasted to provide amber beers with...

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  • American Wheat - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe

    An Americanized version of a Hefeweizen, these beers typically fall between pale straw and deep gold in color. Pale Wheat Ales are reminiscent of a Hefeweizen in appearance, unless filtered. Higher carbonation is proper as is a long-lasting head and a...

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  • Black IPA - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe

    IPA - Black / Dark. An emerging beer style roughly defined as a beer with IPA-level hopping relatively high alcohol and a distinct toasty dark malt character. Typically lacks the roastiness and body of a strong stout and is hoppier than a strong porter.

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  • Brut SmashPA IPA All-Grain Recipe Kit

    This is our example of the new popular Brut IPA. Ferments extremely low, in some cases all the way down to 1.000. Low in biterness but packs a huge burst of hop flavor and aroma from Mosiac hops.  SG: 1.053FG: 1.003ABV: 6.4%IBU: 25 Comes will all...

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  • Cream Ale - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe

    Cream Ales, spawned from the American light lager style, are brewed as an ale though are sometimes finished with a lager yeast or with lager beer mixed into the final product. Adjuncts such as corn or rice are frequently used to lighten the body but it...

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  • Dry Irish Stout - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe

    Dry Stout is black beer with a dry-roasted character thanks to the use of roasted barley. The emphasis on coffee-like roasted barley and a moderate degree of roasted malt aromas define much of the character. Hop bitterness is medium to medium high. This...

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  • Nut Brown Ale - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe

    Spawned from the Mild Ale tradition, English Brown Ales tend to be maltier and sweeter on the palate, with a somewhat fuller body. Color can range from a medium amber/reddish hue to dark brown. Some versions will lean towards fruity esters, while others...

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